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Helixir gives you non-invasive DNA testing kits giving you a fully personalized snapshot of your health.

Discover the DNA Journey for the one unique you.

What is Helixir?

Helixir offers simple, non-invasive DNA testing kits, in order to determine any potential health risks in your future, delivered by qualified healthcare and lifestyle professionals.

At Helixir, we offer 6 products based on Lifestyle, Beauty, Fitness, a comprehensive healthcare audit, hereditary DNA testing and specific condition testing. Our experienced team will work you to determine which test best suits your requirements.

Helixir - Take Control Of Your Life

Peace Of Mind

Informed Decisions

Identify Health Risks

Protect Your Family

Helixir Lifestyle

Our most
popular test.

Helixir Nutrition

Eat right and healthy based on your DNA.

Helixir Fitness

Identify the right fitness regimes that works for you based on your DNA.

Helixir Skin

Find out skin food that works for you based on your DNA.

DNA Profiling

Indentify hereditary risks and conditions based on your DNA Profile

Specific Condition Testing

Screen for specific conditions and mitigate risks earlier.

Take Control Of Your Life

Be the best version of yourself with Helixir.